Window Privacy Film Static Cling suppliers

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Window Privacy Film Static Cling suppliers

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2017 Waterproof White Strip Design Self Adhesive Film For Glass
Description of self adhesive decorative film
At a distance of one meter foil glass, privacy ≥95%. Providing privacy design to let you enjoy your life easily and safely.
●Smooth and clean Glass Surfaces in the Bathroom, Balcony, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom, Office,hotel, etc. Frosted glass, cut glass and all of processed glass is not workable for this privacy window film.
●Please tear off the outside protection film before you post the privacy window film on the smooth surface. Easy to cut into any size to meet your special demands.
●Size: 1.22*48M/0.92*48M. Pure privacy window film has good transparency, no deformation. Different size has different listings, welcome to visit Rainbow shop to choose other size.
Frosted adhesive film Show
Self stick window film Advantage
Guangzhou Yunayi adhesive window tint is self-adhesive, The glue is use high quality material,which can be fixed and removed easily without any glue on the surface.
The UV-proof rate of the window film is at least 96%. It can block out the harmful rays and heat effectively, but still let the light in. Hence, it will make your room to be much cooler in summer and be much warmer in winter.
•Not an EVA window film. Yuanyi window film is not made from EVA, but is made from high quality and environmental protection PVC.
•Why Not EVA?
---EVA window film will be deformed easily by hands pulling and environment temperature changing.
How to Apply Yuanyi® PVC Widow Film
1.Clean your glass and make sure there is no any oil, glue or dusts.
2.Measure the size of your glass.
3.Cut the film to your needed size. (around 0.5 inch larger than the glass size).
4.Spray waters on the glass.
5.Remove the backing of window film (Don’t forget this important step) .
6.Put the glass film (smooth side) on glass, adjust the position to fit the glass.
7.Squeegee out the water and also smooth the film.
8.Trim the glass film edges with utility knife.
Now you can sit down and enjoy Your Beautiful home!
We are selling varies patterns and different types self adhesive privacy glass film, also lots of home decor and office products available, Please visit our shop for detail. Window Privacy Film Static Cling suppliers

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Re: Window Privacy Film Static Cling suppliers

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